Craft: Make a Purse for Your Doll

Hi! Today I have a quick and fun craft for you. We are going to make a doll sized purse!

You will need:
  • A gift card holder that has a handle and a flap like a purse
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
  • ribbon or chord for the handle
  • ruffles of anything to cover it

This is a Christmas gift card holder that I will be covering.

It already has a flap with velcro, great!

I was going to use ruffles but I really liked this when I saw it.
It's sequins by the yard.

I removed the ribbon it had because it won't match, but you can keep it in if it is the color you want.

It just intied it and put this one through and tied a knot.
I didn't have matching ribbon, this leather chord is the closest stuff we had that matched.

Cut strips of the ruffles or whatever your are covering it with.
Wrap it one time around, cut, and glue on.  Do that all the way around.

Like this. Just go all the way around.

But make sure you leave the velcro uncovered.
No I didn't cover the bottom, but you could put a strip of ribbon there if you want.

I have covered all around leaving a gap for the velcro.
But as you can see, I still need to cover the flap.

Do the same thing, leaving the velcro uncovered on that too.
That's it!

You can make this however you want.
You could do ruffles in layers, I think that would be really cute too.
You could also do it in duct tape or glittery strips of ribbon.

Summer is ready to go to her recital.

What is the fanciest place you have ever been?

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  1. I tagged you here:


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, it's the AG skirt with some purple fabric and a headband used as a belt.

  3. That purse is very elegant, I love it! I think the fanciest place I have ever been is a play and also I've been to a fancy restaurant.

  4. Me encanta esto!, Es una idea super ingeniosa! :D

  5. The fanciest place I've ever been is the opera in Austria!!

  6. Stunning! Love the craft, final product, and complete outfit!
    Hmmm, that's a tough question. Not saying I go to fancy places ll the time, but the ones I have been to have seemed equally fancy.However, I did go to a restaurant once that had valet parking and the waiter would hold a napkin in front of your dress as the server placed your meal so not to get splattered. That was really cool!

    1. That sounds very fancy. We don't go to a lot of fancy places much.

  7. Hi Dally! Sorry to be off-topic, but I just wanted to let you know that Sallie-Mae and the Gal's added a page on their blog, it has the tutorial for following our blog while the gadget is down. Just letting you know, as I remember you mentioned how the gadget wasn't working a while ago :)

    1. Oh, whoops! Totally different blog! Got the names mixed up :) That should be Amaya, not Dally! Although, in my defense, both of you had the same problem...

    2. Thanks, I will try again. :)

  8. that is just to cute! I would have never thought to make it with the gift card holder! Awesome!

  9. oh, my that is very cute! Adorable! My doll will love it!

  10. The fanciest place I've ever been was probably some restaurant ☺☻

  11. ......Or some restaurant in Australia.

    1. Cool! The fanciest restaurant I have been to was the American Girl cafe, but nobody was really dressed up. lol