Craft: Make Licorice's Play Tower

Beep, beep, beep....we interrupt all this Valentine stuff for a pet craft!
Today I will be showing you how you can make your own version of Licorice's Play Tower.

Here is the American Girl item. It's really cute, so I wanted to try to make one.

Here is what I used: 
  1. Cardboard that you form into a cylinder, or an oatmeal or corn meal container.
  2. Pretty paper and contact paper to laminate it with. (update: I didn't like the way the mod podge looked, so I chose glitter paper instead, but contact paper would be a great choice
  3. sturdy tube like the inside of paper towel or wrapping paper roll
  4. Glue: if you just have glue, that's ok, but it's easier if you have a glue gun too
  5. Green paper for the stem/tube, or you can paint it green
  6. Scissors
  7. A pencil

First, I had my mom help me cut off the end of the corn meal container. Save it for later.
Remove the lid too.
If you have anything bigger around than this container,
that would be even better, but this is the biggest one I could find.

Now measure the length of it onto your pretty paper that you will cover it with.

Cover it in glue.

Glue on your paper neatly.

You are going to have a little gap if you use scrapbooking paper.

So I cute a small strip to cover the gap. Don't worry, this will be the bottom anyway.

Cute your smaller cardboard tube to about 2" long. (If it's a thick one, you will need help.)
I covered it in green paper, but you could also paint it green if you want to.
As you can see, this tube is pretty thick, which is good because it is going to hold your kitty! Try to find a sturdy one. This had some cellophane on it or something.

I saved the bottom of the corn meal container, and this is going to be the base for the play tower.
But you could also use any lid from something you find around the house.
I traced and covered it to be prettier.

Like so. I couldn't get the camera to focus for this one.
Set it aside.

Now cut some petals out of pink or any color craft foam.
I made 5 of them about 2" x 2", into a petal shape.
Just make sure you make enough petals to go all around your lid.

Now flip the lid from the corn meal container over and put glue on it.
For this step, hot glue is best. Glue your petals all around.

Flip it over, glue a yellow circle in the middle and here is your flower pedestal!
(I didn't even need to glue mine because I had this yellow plastic disc from those hanging door decorations, and it fit inside the rim.

As you can see, I ended up switching paper around my tube, and I have glued the base on. I folded each side of the circle in to make it more stable.
Remember, the base is the bottom of the container that you cut off earlier, or any plastic lid.

Now take your dried flower, and the "stem"....

And glue them together by flipping your flower over and letting the stem dry.

Once they are dried, glue the flower/stem combo on to the top of the tube right in the middle.
My little brother is demonstrating. :) He feels really important.

I know this picture is not good either, but my little brother wanted to hold the pencil,
and he moves a lot. :)
I traced a little butterfly shape onto this plastic sheet I had. You could even use a key chain or something else dangly. I cut out the butterfly.

Then I carefully poked a hole into the edge of one of the petals like this.

And I did the same in the top of the butterfly.

Then I just took some yarn and pulled it through the two holes and tied a knot.

That's it!
I also glued some ribbon on the inside edge, but that is optional.
You could also glue paper in the inside if you want to.

Now Licorice has a fun place to play.

She likes the butterfly toy a lot.

As you can see, later I decided to glue some yellow paper to the inside.

Even Coconut likes it!

All the pets are having fun with this play tower!

Hope you enjoyed!
Next time I will show you how I made a little mouse for Licorice.

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  1. That's a great craft, I love how you use things you have around the house!

    1. Thanks, it didn't cost anything because we had all the stuff for it.

  2. That is so adorable and looks like the real thing!

  3. Very cute! My kids are going to love this!

  4. I made it! And turned out perfect!

  5. Love it! Good job in making the tower. Also love how all the pets were enjoying the tower. Too cute. Made me laugh.

  6. Hi! I was wondering how many AG pets do you have? I see 3 so far!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. cool! i have 2 AG pets meatloaf ( the bulldog) & suger ( the yorkie) and 1 non AG pet a pink poodle i named it bubble gum!

  9. Cool! I am going to make this. I'm also thinking about making a pet room for my AG's pets (none of them are real AG pets) I have a dog named Muffin from Our Generation and a mini Fur Real Friends dog named Butter and a little stuffed cat named Meowsic. (As in "Music)

  10. I just made it and Meowsic loves it!

  11. it's cuter than the real thing!!!!!!

  12. So cute! I made one, and I love how it turned out. Thanks for easy crafts like this. :)

  13. We are just adding the finishing touches on our new house. One of the rooms is going to be for pets and have fake grass in it! I think this will be the perfect addition! Thanks so much and let your brother know he did a great job helping!

    1. That's a neat idea using the fake grass!
      Thanks! I will. :)