A Sweet Surprise Part 2

 Happy Valentine's Day!

My dolls all gathered for their treats.

Summer tried to sneak a cupcake.
Mckenna: "I see that, Summer."

Mckenna thought it would be a good idea to line up and do it cafeteria-style.
June: "This isn't school!"
Saige: "Oh, be quiet, June. You overslept so you don't get a say."
June: "Hey, at least I brushed my hair, unlike Sarah at Christmas."

Flashback to Christmas morning! :)

I'll grab this one before it's gone!

Sweets for breakfast, yum!
Hey, at least the milk is healthy.

My turn, I think I'll take......

A blue one!

The girls all got their treats, but something was missing.

We need chocolate. After all, it's Valentine's Day!!
Sarah: "Saige, look under that tray, there is a surprise I was saving for all of us."

"Oh, Sarah, is this what I think it is! You're sharing with us?"

Sarah: "Yes, there is one for each of us."

"Oh, let's see!"

Saige: "Ooooh, I want the swirly one!"

Sarah: "Hey, hey, one at a time, girls!"

Want one?

What a "sweet" day it is turning out to be.

"Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!"

We are off today, so we exchanged Valentine's yesterday at school.
What about you? Did you get any sweet treats for Valentine's Day?

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  1. Happy Valentines Day, Amaya!
    Amelia Grace

    1. Thanks, Happy Valentine's Day, Amelia!

  2. Cute!


  3. Wonderful party! Everything looks fabulous. I love how you used the breakfast in bed tray.

    1. Thanks, my brother and I got to eat cookies for breakfast too.