A Chef's First Day

It was June's first day at the Dolly's Bistro, and let me tell you:
She was super nervous!!!

June:  "Boil water, add noodles.......I can handle this, I can.....I can....
I tried this just the other day, I can remember what to do."

"Drain noodles.....ohhh....I hope I don't mess this up!"

"Ahhh.........what if I didn't drain them right???? Is there a secret? I should have googled it first!!!"

"I am so stressed out, I am not going to make it if I don't calm down."

"Oh! I remember!! Pour sauce over noodles. YES!
Wait, how much?? This is so hard!!

"That looks about right.
I just need a little more pepper now."

 "Oops, I put salt instead of pepper! I knew I was going to mess something up!"

 "Now the pepper.  I hope they don't notice a lot of salt on their food!"

 "That should do it."

 "I mean.....they look good. Who wouldn't wanna eat this?
I hope they like it. I am so nervous, but I think I pulled it off."

 Sarah: "This food looks really good!" Summer: "Yeah! Let's eat!"

 "Sarah, Can you please pass the salt?" 

"Sure, here you go."
"Mine is a little salty, but that's ok. I heard they have a new chef."

"Everything is really good. Do you think we should have dressed up a little more, Summer?"

Summer: "Nah, a fancy restaurant wouldn't have koolaid on the menu, would they?
Hey, can you hand me another piece of the garlic bread?"

"Here you go. Hey yeah, where are our drinks?"

"Oh no!! They want Koolaid??? Why did they have to pick something so complicated??"

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  1. so funny, when are you going to post more craft ideas?

    1. This post was sort of introducing a craft and a giveaway. I will show you how I "made" those salt and pepper shakers, and you will have a change to win the apron set. :)

    2. I was just thinking how cute that set was!

  2. And my next to last post was a craft! :) I try to do them every week.

  3. Great photo story! I love the spaghetti, the oven mitt, that salt and pepper shaker, very cute!

  4. What are the noodles made out of?

  5. I have the same plates and strainer!