Valentine's Day Crafts

Who likes Valentine's Day? I sure do! American Girl has come out with this
cute Friends are Sweet Valentine's set which includes a balloon, some garland, cookies
(I don't think they come out of the box), and a couple cookie cutters along with
some cookie decorating tips.

It's cute, but I thought I could come up with my own version a lot cheaper.
Are you ready to see it?  Sure you are! :)

First, for the balloon, you could actually just use a mini heart balloon that
they have in the flower department of even Dollar Tree.
But this is what I did: In the Valentine's section of most stores they will
have these hearts with Skittles in them. I used one of those, a long skinny lollipop stick
(they have these lollipops at Michael's or Party City),
some glue (update: I ended up using glue gun instead of super glue),
and some streamer paper or any type for the little end of your balloon--
you will see below.

You have to flatten part of your lollipop stick so it will
fit into the heart. I used a garlic press, but you can be creative
and you might need a parents help.

It will now pretty much fit into your heart, close up the heart now
most of the way,and secure it with plenty of glue so it will stay shut.
Now close completely and hold it until it's dry and stays closed.
Note: I just put glue on the bottom, not all around.

Now you'll have this.

Finish it off with some streamer paper scrunched up around it--
just glue some on, and tie a pretty bow to cover any glue.
Silver is the color I picked.

Here is how mine turned out.

Next I will make the heart cookie bouquet.
Find any little container. I am using a basket my
mom has had for years. You can find these around
Easter time. But any small container/box would work.

Just fold up some pink (or any color your choose) tissue paper.

Like so. :)

And stuff it down into your basket/box.

For the cookies, I just used a heart template and traced it
onto some beige craft foam, then decorated with puffy paint.

These cookies about about 1 or 1/2" wide.

Here they are. I made 6.

Fill your basket with them.

And put a cute little bow on if you want.

Now for the heart garland:
Take different colors of paper and fold it over
like this about 1 1/2" on one end.

Take one of your cookies or the template from the cookies above and trace
around it leaving the tops flat with the edge so they will not get cut off.

See what I mean?

Cut it out.

Here it is opened up.
These can be little doll cards if you want, just like the
AG set except they really open up like cards.

But I am going to make them into a garland.
So here are all my hearts cut out.
Put them into some pretty ribbon or even yarn.

Close them up with a small piece of tape.

That's it! You can put letter stickers on these hearts
if you want to look like conversation hearts.

Your doll is ready for a Valentine tea party of her own!

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Good job! I was going to create my own too!

    1. Thank you! :) It's really fun to make something simalar to what AG sells. :)

    2. you are so nice and your crafts are fun i did a few

  2. Great job, Amaya! I think it turned out really well! :)

  3. Everything is so adorable and looks pretty easy to make! Thanks for such cool craft ideas.

  4. Cute!

    Enter my weekly photo challenge here:

    1. Thanks everyone! I really appretiate your comments!

  5. Ohmygosh! as soon as AG came out with this set I knew I could make it myself but I didn`t know how. Thank you so much for posting this!

  6. You did a terrific job! I especially love your idea for the balloon. I was thinking of going the Styrofoam route, but I think I like yours better (less chance of it getting ruined).

    I'll probably try my hand at this for my dd's Valentine's Day gift. Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Thanks you! The styrofoam idea sounds cool :). Your welcome!

  7. That's so awesome! I really like the balloon, it DOES look a lot like the AG one- with one difference, it's cheaper!

  8. Great job! Looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

  9. This is so cute and looks just like the real thing, if not better! Great job!

  10. Wow, that is amazing! I personally would much rather buy this than the AG one.

  11. Amazed! You're great at crafts...very creative!!!! I have this cool award on my blog and its been up for quite a while...and I'm the only one who has done it...:(

    Allie D.

  12. Going to use this for my dolls' Valentine's party!!!

  13. Very Nice! You come up with the best ideas!

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  15. OMG !!! that looks like really easy to do , cute , cute , cute ! thank you very much , I will do it to my Ag , she will love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!