Simple Doll Craft: Tissue Paper Flowers

Howdy people! Today, I am going to show you how to make some tissue paper flowers! (Many people make this craft in school, etc.) But, I thought I would make it for my dolls for Valentine's Day decor! :) 

Let's get started!

You will need:
Tissue paper: (Any Color, I chose Valentine's colors)
Green Pipe Cleaners, Scissors, And a small doll vase.
My vase is just a napkin ring I found on clearance after Christmas,
but they do sell little vases at craft stores.

First, cut a 2" x  2" piece of tissue paper that is at least 10 sheets thick.

Now, make sure that all your pieces are stacked together and then fold them all accordion-style. 

Then, twist the edge of your pipe cleaner around the tissue paper and twist.

Like this. Hey, that almost looks like a recorder cleaner. lol :)

Now, separate each sheet of tissue paper and spread it out to get a "flower" look.

That's it!

Now you have some beautiful carnations.

Isn't it cute?

My dolls are getting all prepared for their Valentine's Day party!

I hope you liked today's craft! 

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  1. SO CUTE! I will have to make some for my dolls' room!

  2. The flowers are so cute and the vase idea is cool! I love the cupcake stand, it is so cute!

  3. That is so cute. I will so have to make that

    1. Thanks, I am glad you are going to make it.

  4. So have to do it!!!
    Your crafts are sooooo cute

  5. This is even prettier then the flowers I make! Now I wanna go try this! <3

    :)Meghan at

  6. Love this! Putting this one in my posts to revisit file. :)

  7. love this the chess set is sooo cute eeeeekkkkkkkk