Our Generation Owl Lunch Set Review

Hi! Today I thought I would do a review on an Our Generation item that I think is really cute.

It's the owl lunch set.

Saige is going to open the lunchbox up and show you what's inside.

"I just love this lunchbox."

"Here is the front. It has a cute owl!"

"It comes with a container, "silverware" and a thermos."

"The lid actually screws off!"

This is really a great piece in this set.

"Here is the silverware."

Here you can see the fork in my doll's hand. It is a good fit, but maybe just a little short.

Check out this container. It's adorable!

"It opens easily and is a cute shade of pink!"

"It's a little small, but I still think it goes great with the set."

The fruit is not included, but you can see how nicely it fits in the container.

"I give this lunchbox an A!" If you ever see this set, I would recommend buying it.
For $6.99, it is a great price!

Do you have this set?

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  1. Cute! I don't have it, but I do have the awesome laptop set ;) Love it, by the way!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it's one of my favorite Our Generation sets!

  3. I don't have it, but agree it is very cute and well worth the price when compared to an AG lunch at $24 - $30...$6.99 is awesome.

  4. I wish I had it!! My friend does, it's so cute! Does it come with the fruit?

    1. No, it doesn't come with the fruit. Keep looking at Target, you might see it one day.

    2. is that were you got it target?

  5. so amaya you can buy those at target???!!!

  6. Cute, where did the fruit come from?

  7. how did you make Saige's bun?