Doll Craft: Make A Foot Spa for Your Dolls

Hello! I guess you could call this "Spa Week."
Today I am going to show you how I made the foot spa that you saw in yesterday's post.
So let's get started!

You will need: A sheet of white craft foam, scissors, hot glue/glue gun, a straw,
a pencil, and a bead (for the knob). Here I have my shapes already cut out for you to see.

First, you are going to trace a shape like a foot spa. I make mine about 4 3/4" x 5".
Note that the 4 3/4" is the width from side to side at the wider part. Just look at your mom's
foot spa and draw this shape. I drew it, then folded it in half and cut,
sort of like you would do when you cut out a heart.

Cut it out, then trace it again, slightly larger, and cut of the bottom 2/3,
leaving just the piece you see in this photo.

Cut out a strip about 2" x 14 1/2", and another strip about 1/4" x 14 1/2".
(My mom was chopping something the other day and it left these marks on the table,
it wasn't me. lol)

Now cut out 3 more pieces about 1/2" x 2 1/2". Round one end.

Now take your big strip and glue it to your foot spa shape like this.
Trim off any excess.

Here it is glued on.

Now glue your thin strip all the way around the tip just for some trim.

Now take the piece that looks like this....

And do this: You are going to fold it in half and cut it about 1/2" from the center.

Now another cut here, about 1/2" from the side edge.

Open it up and you have this.

Now cut off the two pieces like so.

You will have this. Hey, it sort of looks like an abstract elephant. hehe

Now take your straw and cut it to the same length or just the tiniest bit larger
than these two spaces you just cut out.

You can put dabs of glue on it to make a massaging texture for your dolls foot,
but be careful, ask for help because it's hot!

Clean up the messy glue strings. :)

Now glue that elephant looking piece on. :)

Then glue on your straw pieces with dabs of hot glue.

Now your knob/bead.

Almost done, but don't forget those 3 strips with the curved corner.
Stack and glue them together then place them into your foot spa for a foot divider.
Hide the flat edge end up inside.

I printed a logo for mine, because I lost my letter stickers.
You can use either one, or nothing at all.

Update: I added a small strip to cover the seam in the front.
This is optional.

That's it!

I used bubble wrap for bubble water. I made two holes for her feet and it looks like she's in bubbles!

Come back the rest of this week to see more about this spa!
I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! My dd has been wanting one of these ever since she saw the new AG spa set. We made a makeshift spa with things we had on hand, but this was the one thing I just couldn't get right. Now I can. Thank you!!

    1. Yeah, I wanted the spa set too! I'm so glad you liked this craft!

  2. Awesome! thank you! this one is going in my "blogs/posts to revisit" folder.

  3. i love your bean bag chairs. please enter me in your spa drawing. i would love to win.

    1. Please comment here:
      And please give your name in case you win. Thanks.

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