Doll Sized (Christmas) Finds

Hey everyone! Today, we have a few doll sized
items that I got in my stocking! 

Here is a little calendar that is really a key-chain!

The pictures are beautiful. My mom found it at Michael's.
I love how it's cupcake themed!

The calendar can stand up like this or hang somewhere.

This is my favorite. Have you ever
seen those plastic water cups at the store?
I have one and now I have one for my dolls! 

It's really an ornament! (See the little hole on the straw?)
My mom found it at Shopko.

Now my dolls can have a drink
when they go on the computer, etc. 

I hope you enjoyed today's edition of Doll Sized Finds!

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  1. Cute stuff! I love them both, so adorable and just the right size!

  2. I have that calender, except it's the regular size!


  3. my blog is now

  4. That's so cute!! I love your little office area, it's so adorable!

  5. I got that doll calendar in my stocking, too! :)

  6. Awesome! So perfect for your doll house!

  7. we went to cracker barrel and i found this little ty barbie doll and it looks just like my american girl doll sadie and it was only $5.99 plus its cheaper than the mini american girls

  8. did your dad make that bed? where did you get it?