Bubble Fun Comeback

Howdy! Remember the post a while ago called "Bubble Fun"?
Here is Mckenna's comeback!
I received a lot of cool prank ideas, but I decided to go with one of Jessica's ideas.
Thanks Jessica! You can check her blog out here.

 Mckenna: "Password wrong again? What? Oh well.
Hey! I still have to prank June for that not so fun "Bubble Fun" prank she pulled on me."

Mckenna: "I'll just check on Amaya's blog and see the ideas
some of her followers gave her!
Hmmmm I think I'll do the shoelace prank!"

 Mckenna: "This is a great comeback! I better hurry up! I hear June coming..."

 June: "Hey Mckenna!"

 Mckenna: Hi! Wanna go to the mall?"
June: "Sure! let's get ready!"

 Mckenna: "I'm ready June! Are you?"
June: "I just need to slip my shoes on!"

 Mckenna: "Now, let's go."
June: "OK!"

 June: "My shoes feel a little funny."
Mckenna: "Oh. That's OK! You haven't worn those shoes in a while that's probably why."
June: "Yeah."
Mckenna: *Quietly giggles*


 June: "Thanks a LOT, Mckenna."
Mckenna: "Well, f.y.i., this is your comeback for when you covered me in bubbles!"
June: "Oh yeah! I forgot!" Anyways, can you help me up Mckenna?"
Mckenna: "Of course."

 Mckenna: "Here, sit in the beanbag chair."

 Mckenna: "Sorry, I just thought it was funny."
June: "That's fine. By the way Mckenna, your comeback
was a LOT greater than my bubble ruckus, lol."

Mckenna: "Thanks! I better untie those shoes of yours."
June "I agree!" 

 Mckenna: "Oh well, that was my entertainment for the day, lol."

 Saige: "June? Is something wrong? Your cheeks look a little pink."

June: "It's a long story, Saige."

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I loved the photo of June on the floor ;) it was funny

  2. Am I correct in saying that those shoes are from LuvBug on eBay? I feel as though I've seen them before online :) Anyway, cute photo story!

    1. Those shoes are from Release Rain: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Releaserain

  3. Aww thanks for using my prank idea Amaya!! I'm extremely flattered! It was such a funny photo story, you did a FANTABULOUS job by the way!!!