Sarah Takes a Bath

Howdy! How was your Christmas? Mine was great!
Today, Sarah got ready for a bath in her new bathtub that I got as a gift for Christmas.

I am going to show you the sink and the other bathroom stuff.

Sink: My dad made
Bathtub, towels, toothpaste, robe, and the creams: Our Generation
Here is Sarah next to the sink my dad made. Sarah: "I need to get ready for the morning!"

The white bottle next to the bathtub and the mirror are some finds.
(You may have seen the mirror before in an older post.)

Sarah: "Time to brush my teeth!"

Sarah: "This new toothbrush works really well!"

"I might need this back scrubber when I take my bath."

"Let's see, I can't forget my towel."

 Sarah: "Now, I need to get my shampoo!"

 Sarah: "One bottle of pop on the shelf, oh one bottle of pop on the shelf..........
I think I have everything I need. Time to get in."

 Sarah: "La, de la de da...."

 Sarah: "I really hope I don't fall asleep in this relaxing bath!"
(I am going to get some cotton balls soon and try those in her bath next time!)

 Here is the adollable sink my dad made. The bottom two drawers open, but the top does not.

 Here is some soap and a plate my mom made out of clay.

 I thought this soap my mom made was PERFECT for my doll bathroom.

Sarah: "I hope you enjoyed this post!"

Stay tuned for a special guest post from my dad on how he made this sink for me!

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  1. That's so cute!
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    1. Thank you. I like your blog! Thanks for reading mine too.

    2. I'm glad you like it! Your blog is very enjoyable!

  2. Cool! Your parents are so creative! What else did ou get for Christmas?

  3. Thanks for the great idea for the soap! My dd has been using a small wrapped hotel soap, but this idea is much better. I can't wait to see the tutorial for the sink!

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  5. This is sooo cute!

    -Meghan at

  6. Cute! I am back so check out my blog! Oaktreeforests.blogspot,com