My Dolls Wrapping Presents

Hi! My Christmas Vacation started yesterday! I am so excited!
My dolls are doing a gift exchange this year and they
have been busy wrapping. Take a look!

Here is Summer wrapping Saige's gift.

"It needs some tape now."

"All done!"

Now it's Saige's turn!
"I know Sarah will like this gift."

Guess who is behind here? (Lol) Sarah!

"I hope Mckenna likes this gift!"

"It just needs a bow!" 

 Now it's Mckenna's turn!
"I can't wait to see June open this."

It's June's turn!
 "I think Summer will love this! She likes cooking I know."

When my dolls were done wrapping their presents
for each other, they saw more gifts under the tree!
Hmmm.....Stay tuned to see what my dolls
have under the tree!

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  1. How cute, it looks like your dolls had a lot of fun wrapping gifts. My doll got all of her gifts wrapped last night.

  2. The gift bags have tablets in them!