Doll Sized Finds Christmas Edition!

Hi everyone! Today, we have a few Christmas doll sized finds!
Let's get started!
Here is a little Christmas tin that I thought cookies would look adollable in!

They are really just decorative tins to put around your house at Christmas time.
But, they make great cookie or treat tins for your dolls!

It came in a set of three.

This necklace Sarah is wearing is actually a light-up bracelet.

I think it's really pretty!

My favorite find is: These adollable Christmas cupcake erasers! 

They were only a dollar at Target!

Sarah loves these!

I hope you enjoyed! 

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  1. So cute, I love all the finds!

  2. Those cupcake erasers are adorable! Were they in the dollar spot, or where did you find them in the store? I'm not familiar with my local Target, except for the Dollar Spot and OG section, and I haven't seen these yet. Thanks!

    1. They were on the stocking stuffer aisle back in the Christmas area. :)

    2. Thank you! I haven't ventured back that far into the store. I had no idea there were stocking stuffers back there.

  3. Thanks! We have a tin that has a candle in it, but when we finish the candle (or I take it out somehow), I could use it for cookies! I'd also like to get those cupcakes, I got some eraser foods earlier in the year from Target!