Christmas Room Tour

Hi! Today, I have a fun Christmas room/house tour for you! Let's get started! :)

Here in the kitchen, we have a little cat scene that is really small porcelain figures.

On the top of the fridge, we have a gingerbread house that is really a candle. 

Here is the living room area with a tree that can light up, and some presents.

On the top of this little side table is a candle with
a gingerbread "shade" so the light can shine through the top.

I just love candles! 

Here in the loft bed is a snow man manger scene and
a few other Christmas scenes.

This is a little tree that is really an ornament.

Here is an overview of the whole tree.

Finally, there is this sign you can customize.
I wrote South Pole on it. :)
They have these mini signs at Michael's.

I hope you liked it! What is your favorite thing to do at Christmas?

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  1. Wow, it looks like your dolls are going to have a great Christmas! I love all the little details.

  2. Hi Amaya, I emailed you! Also where did you get your Christmas Tree from? I really like it! xx Angie (new posts up on blog!)