Christmas Craft Series Gift Ideas for Dolls Craft #4 Make Pedant Necklaces for Your Doll

Hi people! Here is a super quick and easy craft you can make for your dolls, it's barely even a craft at all!
You can give these to your dolls for Christmas or any occasion.

You will need these little bottles found at the Dollar Tree
(They have nail glitter in them), stretchy chord, and scissors.

Aren't they cute? They are pretty just like they are with sprinkles and
glitter already inside.

But I took two of them and made one into a message in a bottle,
and the other one has "candy" in it. You can't see very well, but
it is just little beads wrapped in plastic wrap to look like candy.
They were kinda tricky to do, so I left the rest the way they were.

Take your doll and see how long you want the necklace to be.
June was willing to sit still for me.

Take your stretchy chord and cut it about 6 inches longer than you want it 
to be to give you room to tie the not. You can trim the extra off later.

Cut it and string it through the hole that already comes with the bottle lid.

Tie a good knot a couple times to secure it.

That's it!

Isn't it pretty?

I hope you enjoyed today's craft!

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  1. Cute! But I think I lost my little bottles...

    1. Oh, you can make them when you get more. :)

    2. what the heck........................................................i can't wait to do this

  2. Cool! That was very creative. I'll keep my eye out for those...

  3. Is June supposed to have different colored bottles on her necklace? And I have summer but I named her Abby.

  4. Oh my I love the little bottles!!