Christmas Craft Series Gift Ideas for Dolls #2: Make a Tablet for Your Doll

Hi! Today I am going to show you the second craft in this series: Gift Ideas for Dolls!
Let's face it, dolls like electronics just as much as we do, right? I know we have seen these types of crafts before, and I decided to make my own version including a clear "screen" so let's get started!

You will need: a printer with ink (or a cutout from a magazine ad),white scrapbook or photo paper, craft foam (the color you want the tablet to be), scissors, glue, and clear plastic from packaging.)

First I printed an image of a tablet, actually 6 of them. You could choose an Ipad, a Kindle Fire, or whatever you want.

I found this image here.

If you want this craft to look realistic, you need to have good paper like photo paper or cardstock. It will look much better than typing paper. Print the image in the highest quality you can.
I printed mine to be about 3" long. Don't select both sides: if you want it to be 3" long, just choose that for your longest side and don't worry about the other side. If you resize both sides, it will be deformed.
For a magazine ad, just cut it out!

Cut it out...

And trace it onto craft foam. You can choose whatever color tablet you want. I made a white one and a black one.

Cut out the craft foam.
Also trace the tablet onto some clear plastic if you have it. This can come from any package, or they sell sheets of it. Cut it out, and you will now have these three layers.

If you want a white tablet, cut the black trim off your black tablet front.

So here I have one that will be my black tablet and one for the white tablet.

Here are the three pieces I need for a white one, and a black one.

Glue all three layers together, with the clear plastic going on top.
Just a little dab of glue in each corner will keep your plastic on.

Let it dry, and that's it!
Here are the two I made so far. I am going to give one to each of my dolls for Christmas.

This one accidentally had the flash on, but I think it turned out pretty good.

Next time I will show you how to make these cute little gift bags to put your tablet or other gift in!
I hope you enjoyed this craft!

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  12. Thank you for this idea!! My little Granddaughter got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and now her American Doll, Mia, has a matching one. Thank you again! Patricia