Thanksgiving Dinner

Hi everyone! My dolls and I are on Thanksgiving break so, my dolls decided to have an early Thanksgiving dinner with a few last-minute craft ideas!

Here is an overview of the whole table.

The turkey and the rolls are made out of salt dough that Karen shows how to make here on Doll Diaries.

The plates are actually paper circles because I didn't have a set of plates.

Here is a close-up of the turkey and the stuffing.
(Oops! A green bean fell in the stuffing!)

The butter is a small rectangle box made out of yellow cardstock.
And the little pumpkins are little gem table decorations that were only a dollar at Shopko after Halloween.

 The napkins are just little fabric patches tied with some Rainbow Loom bands.

The forks, I have been wanting for so long! They sell these mini forks at the Dollar Tree or Party City.

The stuffing in this bowl and in the turkey is from the leftover salt dough.

Here are the rolls that I, my brother, and mom made with salt dough.

Here is some corn that came from little sprigs from Hobby Lobby.

The mashed potatoes are just some wads of toilet paper that I got slightly damp and I put some yellow puffy paint on the top.

 The green beans are super easy, you just cut some green foam into really small strips!

"Okay! Who's gonna cut the turkey?"

"Don't look at me"

"Please pass the green beans, Summer."

June: "AHH! Only one roll left? I have to get it!"

"It smells so good!"

 June: "Don't mind if I have it."
Mckenna: "Hands off, that one is calling my name."

Time for pumpkin pie!
You can see how to make the pie slices here.

My dolls all held hands and thanked God and named things they are thankful for. What are you thankful for?

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Hope you enjoyed! You and your dolls have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Love it! Great looking feast! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks a lot, Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Awesome craft!!! Do u come up with these spectacular crafts on your own? Cant wait to here back from u!!!

  3. sara looks like katnis but with blond hair

  4. Wow! All of that looks so realistic! Wow, just wow! I am so amazed! You are so talented, Amaya :)

  5. that's so realistic im going to try and make it,or set it up for grace ''my doll'',the girl of the year

  6. Amazing! That looks SO real! The rolls look SO real!!! You just gave me a craft idea!
    ~Kaitlynrh1 (Kaits AG Crafts)

  7. Amazingly arranged. We can also try these ideas on this thanksgiving day to make the thanksgiving day dinner awesome.

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