Our Generation Kitchen Review/Tour

Hi! Today Summer wanted to give you a closer look at the Our Generation kitchen that I found at a yard sale for $10. So let's get started.

Summer is modeling this lovely kitchen today. After all, she loves to cook, as you can see in the "my dolls" page.
I found this kitchen at a yard sale for $10 for both pieces, which was a great deal!
It is really nice and made of wood. And I like that it's white!

Starting at the top, we have a nice shelf area to put whatever you want. You could use it to store your loaf of bread or some other food. Or you could put a decoration there like I did. This little fake plant came from Pier 1.

It has two nice cabinets that open up for storage.

It opens really smoothly and stays opened where you leave it.

Hey, what's that cupcake doing there?

Next we have the burners and sink. There are some little windows in the back, and a painted pink curtain.

All the little knobs really turn.

The burner is really cute and isn't just a picture of a burner, which is nice.

The sink handles really move. This part looks very realistic.

The sink is cute, but a little small. You can't really fit a lot of dishes in it. But I still like it.

Again, all these knobs turn.

Beside the oven, there are cabinets and a drawer that really pulls out.

It is pretty spacious.

And the cabinets underneath are nice. There is a lot of room to store pots and pans.

And here is the view of the inside of the oven. Mmmm, is that pie I smell?
It has plenty of room too.

The front of the oven door is "glass" so you can see inside, which is really cute!

This is the fake vent thing underneath the oven.

Now we'll go to the refrigerator.
The bottom of the refrigerator and oven both have this pretty detail.

And this is the front of the refrigerator. This is just a picture of a water dispenser.

There is plenty of room inside the freezer for frozen treats.

And inside the refrigerator there is also room for lots of food.

This is a really cute set. I think the white is so pretty,
and it is a great quality kitchen.
I would recommend it. If you ever find it on ebay
or at a yard sale or something, it would be a great purchase.

Summer hopes you enjoyed this tour today!


  1. That is an AMAZING deal! 10 bucks? U R VERY LUCKY :)

    1. Yeah it was just sitting there in her driveway, I can't believe I found it.

  2. Oh my gosh you're so LUCKY! My friend has this kitchen and we are always playing Bobby Flay with itXD

    1. lol, yeah Summer likes to pretend she's on a cooking show too.

  3. That is a very cute kitchen, great find!

  4. Dude-I found the EXACT SAME thing at a yard sale for $8. OK, my mom did:)

  5. On the my dolls page, SARAH is the one who likes to cook. Did you update it, or was it a typo, or whatever?

  6. I made a whole entire kitchen out of mostly cardboard + duct tape, but I gave it to my friend. I love your blog!!!