Happy Thanksgiving! What My Dolls Are Doing This Morning

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Tomorrow is your last day to enter the DolzDreamZZZ giveaway, so don't miss it! I am also giving away the cute purple lap desk you see in the post below!

Chloe has been staying with my grandma working as her model, but she came over for Thanksgiving! 
This is how she spent her morning--sipping hot chocolate!
Chloe is using a green lap desk that I have and Summer is using the lap desk that YOU can win! 

 They both wanted a candy cane in their hot chocolate so, I used a mini candy cane to put in each of their cups.

 Yes, Chloe got a new wig.:) This is probably her permanent one.

 Yum, it looks really good!

If you would like to win the purple lap desk in the post, you can enter here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. Great look, Chloe! WOuld you mind if I added your dolls to my Doll Friends list? I know they have never acually met, but still! :)

  4. what kind of doll is Chloe? I have the same doll!