Easy Craft: a Pilgrim Hat for Coconut

Hi! Today my doll Sarah wanted to show you an easy little funny craft for Thanksgiving.
So I am handing the craft over to her. Take it away, Sarah! 

Hi, people! I just decided to make a super fast and easy little craft: a Pilgrim hat for Coconut!
It's almost like an activity you would do in kindergarten,
it's so easy, but still fun.

You will need black (or dark blue--what I had) tape, scissors, and a rubber band. 

First, cut your dark paper into about a 7" x  2" rectangle.

Tape the ends together.
Note: If you are able to find a dark cup or other container
that would fit, that's even better. I am just using paper. :)

Trace around the bottom of the hat. Then cut the circle out and tape it to your cylinder. Cut a larger circle and tape to the bottom for your rim.

Once you have that done, take some yellow paper (1/2" x 1/2") and fold it in half. 

Then cut it into a little rectangle with a hole in it.

Once you have something that looks like this, glue (or tape) it on your hat.

Like this. 

Next, tape a white or clear rubber band on so it will stay on your pet.

Here is what the hat looks like when it is done!!

Stay tuned to see how to win this lap-desk Sarah is using!

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  1. CUTE! I'm going to try making this for Monster High and AG, but using craft foam, which is all I have! :} Really cute Sarah!

  2. That is such a cute craft, Coconut looks so cute wearing the hat!

    I love the little scissors!

    1. Thanks, the pair of scissors is an eraser.

  3. W.O.W!!!!! That is such a cute craft!!! I tried it out for my cute, sweet, ADORABLE WITTLE MEATLOAF, and he looks soooooooooooo cute in it!!!!! Thanks a bunch!!! You are so creative and artsy! How do you think of how to make all of these crafts?

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