The New Chloe--A Makeover!

Before I show you the makeover, I want to remind you all that you only have two days left to enter the giveaway with Dream World Collections. It is for a super cute outfit for your doll. We also have another giveaway going on right now with Minipparel for an adorable doll outfit. So enter before it's too late!

And now I am going to show you what my mom and grandma did: a little makeover on Chloe. Remember, I found her at a thrift store for .50 cents. 

This is what her terrible hair looked like before.
The bangs were cut crooked, and it was really frizzy.

And here is the back of it. It was horrible.

 Here my mom is starting to take part of the wig off.

Now my Grandma had a turn because it was stuck pretty well.
They didn't use any polish remover, just a butter knife.
It was so much work!
Make sure you let an adult do this or at least help!

 Ok, this is just, creepy....

 It's off!

 Putting Aleene's glue on her head.

Now it's ready for the new wig.

 Her new wig!!!

 She's beautiful now!

What do you think of the color?

Here she is all dressed up.

Look how pretty!

I hope you enjoyed! I still need to remove the "lipstick" and I think she still needs a little more glue on the right side of her head. And that's pretty much all we are going to do to her, I think. Did you ever do a makeover on your doll?

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  1. Chloe is beautiful! Your mom and grandma did a great job.

  2. She is beautiful! (she was also beautiful before though!)

  3. She is very beautiful! She reminds me of an Irish Tap-Dancer :)

  4. Wig is adollable! I have something with reddish hair....

  5. She looks great! :)

  6. Awesome! Where did you get the wig? It's so pretty!!! Well done.

    1. Thanks, my Grandma got the wig on ebay.

    2. Right, I thought I'd seen a few like it on eBay!