Fall Craft: Make a Doll Candy Corn Cupcake / Tea Cake

I love fall, so today I have a quick craft for you: making a tasty little fall treat for your doll which is a candy corn tea cake. Let's get started.

You will need:
1. thick brown craft foam (I got the thickest one they had in the sheets)
2. puffy paints in yellow, orange, and white.
3. brown craft paint
4. a bottle cap or something to trace a circle
5. a rough paint brush (optional)
6. scissors

First make an impression with the bottle cap. I am making my little cake 3 layers thick, so I did 3.

Cut them out.

You can poke the edges with a rough paint brush to make it look a little like cake, but this step is optional.

Dab some brown paint on your first layer.

Repeat. (My little brother is demonstrating.)

Don't press down too much or the chocolate "filling" will start oozing out a lot.
Now start putting your candy corn frosting on! Start with yellow. 

You can let dry between layers of puffy paint if you want.

Next is orange.

And finally, white!

That's it! Let this dry in a safe spot away from little brothers.

My dolls can't wait to eat it!

My dolls love fall almost as much as I do. And they reallly enjoyed their treat.

I hope you enjoyed the craft!

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  1. So cute and looks like real cake, I'm going to have to try this.

    1. Thanks, my dolls think it's yummy.

  2. Amazing! It's making me hungry for cake:) I got inspired by this, and I've figured out how to make a doll cupcake without clay!!!

    1. I'm glad you got inspired. If you make it, I would love to see a photo. :)