Doll Hairstyle: Basic Beads

Hello fellow blog readers! (Do you like my new intro?) Today I am going to show you how to do a SUPER easy hairstyle!

 Let's get started!
This is what it will look like when your hairstyle is done.

 Things you will need: 
Colored pony beads,
a brush for your doll, 
a spray bottle,
and a hair elastic.

 First take a SMALL section of your dolls hair. Make sure that your beads will fit on.

 Once you have a small section of your dolls hair, spray it with some water--mostly the ends.

 Then, slide a bead on.

 Keep putting beads on your dolls hair until you think it looks good.

 I think 5 is the best amount for dolls hair. 

 Then take your elastic and put it on to keep the beads from slipping off. 

That's it! I made one for all of my dolls except Saige and Sarah.
I am not sure that will be easy with their curly hair.

I also made one for myself! 

Feel free to send me some pictures if you make this hairstyle!

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