Candy Corn Cookies for Your Doll

Hi! Today I have one more super easy craft for you using craft foam and puffy paint. Since I already had some foam and the paint, I thought why not make these little candy corn cookies?

This is so simply and barely a craft because there are just two steps.

They turned out pretty cute. :)

Mckenna wants to try a bite.

You just cut a little triangle out of beige craft foam. Mine is about 3/4 to 1" long.

Paint them in candy corn stripes. Just spread it out with the tip of the paint bottle if you want, then wipe it off. That's it!

 Make as many as you want! Hope you enjoyed this little craft.

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  1. They look really tasty, I'll have to try them.

  2. Love your cookie craft!! Going to have to try and make them.

    1. Thanks, I hope your dolls like them.

  3. Fun, easy, and cute! Great craft. Thank you.

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