Bubble Fun

Hi! My dolls had a little fun today that I wanted to share with you.

Hey Mckenna....

What June?

Got a little surprise for you.

You wouldn't.

I would!

I will get you back, June.
(thinks to self: "I'll have to think up a good prank to play on June.")

What would be a funny (but not mean) prank Mckenna could play on June?
Comment below with suggestions! 

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  1. mm... maybe she would do the same?

  2. Get oreos and put toothpaste on them (to make oreos, just cut out 2 circles of dark brown craft foam and do everything you did to make the ice cream sandwich). Hope I helped!! Good luck Mckenna!!!!

    P.S. This oreo trick is a classic and I got it from Basilmentos. Sarah plays it on Samantha!!

  3. I love bubble fights. They used to make doing the dishes fun. :)

  4. I loved this photo story, it was so funny! Okay, well, I do have a few pranks up my sleeve--let's see....What about this one, here's how you do it:

    You will need:
    A chair (doll size of course!)
    a long stick (this will have to be quite big, and straight)
    a plastic glass (doll-size, and filled with 'water')
    a camera

    Now for the fun bit! June, you need to convince Mckenna to stand up on the chair, and balance a cup of water on the end of the stick, and push that onto the ceiling. If there's no rooms low enough for you to do this in, you could tape the cup to the end of the stick so it didn't fall off, and just get her to balance it. Now, she needs to keep holding it there, and you need to make some kind of excuse (like you need to go to the toilet, or a cake is burning or something like that) and then go get a camera and snap a picture of her. Then post it on your blog or something, and when she sees it, she will be furious!!! Make sure you get away before she can get into a fight with you!

    Here're a few simple ones that don't take much time or effort, and are just as effective!
    1. Tie her shoe-laces together
    2. Sew up the bottoms of her pyjama pants and sleeves (this could work with clothes as well!)
    3. Swap her clothes over with someone else's
    4. Make her an "apple pie" bed, here's instructions on how to do it: Tuck the top sheet under the mattress at the top. Fold it in half and bring it back up to the top like normal. When the family tries to get in bed, they will only fit halfway.
    5. Put bubble wrap under the toilet seat.
    6. Replace cereal with dog food
    7. Put cotton balls in her sandwhiches
    8. Switch all the furniture in her bedroom to the opposite side of the room, so it makes a mirror-image of how it was before.
    9. Swap 'unhealthy' food, such as chips, with celery sticks or something, and then close up the bag again.

    Hope you enjoyed these, and have a few good ideas to get her back now!

    1. Wow, those are some great ideas! I just might use one of them in an upcoming post. Thanks a lot!

    2. Thanks! I'm so glad you liked them!!!!

  5. Jessica's ideas are great, I love the "apple pie" bed and switching the furniture to a mirror image!

    1. Aww thanks!!! I've had alot of practice pranking, I have five younger siblings lol!

    2. Wow, five? I just have a younger brother and it's fun to prank him.

    3. Yup! Three little sisters and a brother.

  6. how about, a halloween prank? I would convince her to wear a little kid's ghost costume, like a sheet with holes in it, and take a picture of her and show it to her boyfriend, or put it on facebook or something. Caption it : "Junes not-so great costume!"
    - Anonymous A.
    p.s. or you could shrink her clothes....

  7. Mckenna should....
    a) Put a whoopee cushion on June's chair (classic!!!)
    b) Make June's socks mismatched, like putting two different socks in one pair
    c) Switch her shampoo with sour cream or cream cheese or something
    d) Put bubble bath in her toothpaste!!!!
    I hope you use one of these pranks!