Beauty Craft Series Craft #1 How to Make Nail Files for Your Doll

Hi! Today I am going to start a new series about beauty that will have a few crafts and a few doll sized finds. So let's get started! Our first craft--a doll sized nail file--is easy easy easy!!

You will need: scissors, glitter paper in your color choice, and glue.

Take your paper and....

Trace out a nail file shape on the back of your paper that is about an inch long.
I am making two so I traced two.

Cut them out two layers at a time so they are exactly the same shape.

Take one and make sure it is pretty-side down and put glue on it.

Now glue the two together with the two pretty sides facing out.

Repeat if you like.

Here you go!

Looks like Mckenna likes doing nails.

Now your doll can take them in her purse wherever she goes!

Sneak peek for next time: how to make a doll compact case.

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  1. Cute! I got some sparkly craft foam and I am going to try this out!

    1. Great, your dolls will love it!

    2. Can you use glitter paper? We have TONS and it never gets used.

  2. This is awesome! I hope one of the crafts in this series is nail polish!

    1. you can get some ag sized nail polish. I got some as a party favor.

  3. What a cute and easy craft! I bet your dolls love being able to file their nails.

  4. I made this! It was fun and easy.

  5. That's great. I'm glad your dolls can file their nails now. :)