Beauty Craft Series #3 How to Make a Doll Compact Case w/ Mirror

Hi! I promised you guys I'd show you how to make a compact case for your doll. So today's the day. This is sort of a craft and a doll sized find, because it's best to find the item I am going to show you if you want to make this.

You will need:
1. These little magnets they sell at Target in the office supply section.
They open and close just like a compact!
2. mirror paper
3. pink paint or a pink circle sticker or any think pink to place on for makeup.
4. scissors
5. glue
6. pencil for tracing

This is what the little magnet looks like. Aren't they cute? They came in pretty colors.
They might have them at an office store too.
If you can't find them, you could use cardboard and paint it.

I am going to use a big sequin that I had for a different craft. But you could cut out a pink circle from scrapbooking paper, or use a pink sticker, or just paint a pink circle on to your compact to look like makeup. Use whatever you have.

I am tracing my circle on to mirror paper for the mirror.
You can use any small cap to trace your circles.

Cut it out.

And glue it on.

Like this.

Do the same with your pink circle.

That's it!

Now your doll is ready to go!

It fits in the caddy we made in this post.

I hope you liked the craft. Previews coming up: How to make this doll boutique, and how to make the lipstick you see above!

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  1. So cute and creative! I can't wait to see how to make the lipstick and the doll boutique.

  2. Very creative! I think I'll make one! Enter the giveaway on my blog!!!!

    Hannah :D

  3. You have a great imagination! I love these crafts you share. I may not make them but I enjoy learning how.

  4. what do you call the magnet thingies ?

    1. I think they are called magnet clips. :)

  5. Do you still have the packaging to show? What brand are they?

  6. I remember doing how to make a craft watch video in school way back in the second grade and wanted to teach it to my kids. Thank you so much for posting it!
    Our teacher had us unbend a jumbo paperclip and stick it in the pencil eraser for the crank and a Dixie cup was the water bucket.