Beauty Craft #4 Make Lip Gloss/Lipstick for Your Doll

Hi! In my last post, "Bubble Fun," there were a lot of great ideas given by you guys on how Mckenna will get June back. You will see one of them in an upcoming post. Thanks to all of you who helped with suggestions!

And now for today's craft--make lipstick for your doll. Even if your doll isn't old enough to wear real lipstick, she can wear the tinted gloss. :)

This is what it will look like,

You will need:
1. A crayon (a twistable is best because it is skinnier) in pink or other lipstick color.
2. Silver tape (mine is aluminum foil tape that my mom has, but duct tape or aluminum foil works too.)
3. Black tape (I used my dad's electrical tape, it works really well.)
4. This is optional: the little clear cap off your mom's old eyeliner. This will be the lid for the lipstick.
If you don't have this, you can still make the lipstick.

Take about an inch of the twistable crayon,

And break it off.

My brother wanted to color. :)
Color until you make a nice smooth slanted side just like lipstick.

Like this.

Now take a small piece of your silver tape. (about 1" x 1"--mine is a little too big in this photo)
I know it looks wrinkled, but it smooths out.

Wrap it neatly around your lipstick just once and trim off any excess.

Now take the black tape and wrap it around leaving some silver showing.
Wrap it around VERY neatly about 4 times so it has a little thickness like a lipstick tube.
Trim off the excess.

That's it!

Now take the cap from your mom's old eyeliner, if you have it. I am using the short little cap that covers the spongy end, not the pencil end.

And put it on your lipstick!

Hope you enjoyed today's craft!

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  1. This is my fave craft you have had so far! The lipstick looks so realistic!


  2. I think tt is a great project! Do you think clear nail polish over the lipstick part would keep it off the dolls as a child might just want to try it on the dolls.

    1. That would probably work, and you could even use clear glitter polish and it would look like glitter lipstick.

  3. I love this project, it looks so real!

  4. Too cute. You come up with the neatest craft ideas.

    - Anonymous A.

  6. do u play stardoll?
    - Anonymous A.

  7. love it so cute!!

  8. This is a fabuloso idea sending u moustache face :{ ♡♤♢♧☆}: :{ lol

  9. so cute!!! what exactly is aluminum foil tape?

  10. Just a thought, do you think the cap over a mechanical pencil eraser would work?

  11. can you really use it on your doll?

    1. I wouldn't put it on my doll. Too expensive of a doll

  12. Mea-amesome ideas!