Fall Photo Shoot!

Tomorrow is the first day of fall, but I couldn't wait to post this! A fall photo shoot is so fun to do with your doll. You can do it too!

My grandma made me some confetti leaves a little bigger than regular confetti. She made a bunch so I would have plenty to scatter around.

But you could use leaves from the craft department or even real leaves that you rake up. Just be careful not to get your doll dirty. (I know this photo is almost exactly the same, but I think it's a little lighter.)

Choose a good contrasting outfit and some nice lighting. I chose a red picnic throw to put underneath. Grab your camera, and you have a great fall photo shoot!

I really had fun doing this fall shoot with my doll. Are you and your doll ready for fall?

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  1. I love the photo shoot, the leaves are awesome!

  2. Not much longer until you can use the real leaves as a background. They are falling like crazy in our breeze this weekend.