Doll Sized Finds!

And now for today's edition of.......Doll Sized Finds!

First up is this tiny snow globe that I have had for several years.

It is perfect for my dolls.

See Eeyore?


Next is this little fluffy dog. He came in a little purse/carrier thing that I got when I was 2 or 3 I guess. I named him Marshmallow.

Look, he makes a great doll sized pet. He looks a lot like Coconut. Marshmallow is Sarah's dog, and Coconut is Summer's dog.

This is the tag on him.

You know those big bubble tubes you find in the summer? Well, you can find these mini ones at party stores and party sections. You have probably seen them.

It's a perfect sized wand for a doll.


And last is this teeny tiny bottle of lotion that was my mom's. She doesn't remember where she got it.

I hope you liked today's edition of.....Doll Sized Finds!

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