American Doll Room Review

What is the one thing every doll owner dreams of having? A doll room would be the ultimate wish, right? Well, today I am going to show you the most creative idea in doll play:
They are portable doll rooms that are spacious and realistic. They come in a variety of color and design options and fold up flat when you're done!
The amazing creators of American Doll Room Company, the O'Connor family, generously sent me one of these awesome doll rooms to review. Let me tell you, it looks cool online, but it looks even cooler in person!
Below is a look at how one of these doll rooms can be turned into whatever room you want it to be!

The furniture is not included, but the curtains and carpet are. And each room is really two rooms because it flips around to make a patio!

Let's take a look at the room I received.

Click the video below to play my youtube review.
If you cannot view the above video, click here.

First, here is a "bird's eye view" of the patio side of the room. 

Now here it is when you flip it around and flip the floor over. It makes a beautiful indoor room with hardwood floor!

Here it is with the ADOLLABLE shag carpet it comes with. If you were wondering, I received the historical harvest yellow room. They have modern rooms or historical. I love both, but I really liked the white wainscoting on the historical rooms.

This is the floor of the patio. It looks so realistic! I love every little detail!

Here is a close-up of the shag carpet. The bottom is rubbery non-slip material so it won't slide around when you're playing with it.

Another close-up. The white carpet really makes the room bright and fresh looking, and it's soft and fits perfectly in the room.

Here is the wood floor that you see inside the bedroom. It looks totally real!

I even tried the carpet on the patio and it look great that way too!

Here's a look at one of the inside walls.

Okay, I LOVE the detail of the outdoor scenery that you can see in the window. It looks SO real!

And when you flip it over to the patio you can see the inside through the window.

A close-up of the curtains.

The curtains are held up with some adhesive velcro. Just stick it on, then stick the curtains on, and you've got instant curtains!

WOW! I just LOVE the little ruffle on the top of the curtains!

CUTENESS! I LOVE the shutters and the detail!

Look how much space it takes up when you're done playing or taking pictures. You thought you didn't have room for a doll house? Who doesn't have room for this? You can slip it behind your bed and nobody will even know you have an awesome doll room hiding behind it! :)

Here is the room folded up in the bag ready to go with you on a trip!

Your dolls and accessories fit VERY nicely in the other bag it comes with.

Look how many things I fit into this bag: A doll chair, refrigerator, two dolls, and other accessories. And there is still room for more dolls.

(An overview of the bags)

Now for the fun part! The pictures of furniture in the room!

 Lounge Room

 Home Office



 Living Room



 Living Room- (Again)

Each room is 24" x 24" giving you plenty of room to play and take amazing photo shoots.

One room is $89 and comes with the following:
  • Fold-up Doll Room in different color choices
  • Shag carpet in different color choices
  • Curtains
  • Large duffel bag to hold the room
  • Smaller bag to hold furniture, dolls, and accessories
There is a discount if you buy more than one room.

These rooms are amazing! I totally recommend these rooms and I just love all the little details!
I would not hesitate if you are thinking about buying one or more of them. I love every little feature to the rooms! I hope you enjoyed this review and don't forget to check out their site here! Also, check them out on facebook.
Thank you,   for the opportunity to review one of your beautiful doll rooms! I am so excited about this room, and I think they are a great purchase that you will love for many years!

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  1. That room is so cool and I love that you can fold it up and put it away!

    1. Yes, I love that you can move it wherever you want it.

  2. Fabulous! Looks awesome and I love the different rooms you created using it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You're welcome. These rooms are awesome!

  3. did you buy the room or did they give it to you to review.

  4. They were so kind enough to let me keep it! :) Thanks for commenting!

  5. That's really nice! Maybe they'll do the same to me, too. OH! and please follow me!

    1. Thanks! I looked on your blog to follow you because I couldn't find a follow button. I do follow you on google+ followers though.

  6. Hi, can you give me your youtube chanel. I would love to see the rooms but the link on your post doesn't work. (I have the same problem) you can check my videos at allyindollieland by aby R in youtube.

    1. Hi, just click on the ag fan tube button on the right side bar. It is a green flower. I will check yours out too. : )

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