The Dress I Got from Doll Clothes

Do you remember the post when I showed pictures of the store called "Doll Clothes" and I promised I'd show you the dress I bought? Well, here is a little photoshoot I took of McKenna in the dress.

First, the store I found in Tennessee.

                                     These pictures were from a post a while ago. Click here to see it.



Now below is the dress I bought there, and I think Mckenna models it very well.

                         The dress was $12.00. It is a pretty good price compared to the American Girl outfits.


                                                                    Here is the back.

                                      It has velcro on the side, and  for the other sleeve you tie it.

                                                      It has an adorable ruffle on the top.


                                             The dress is a beautiful contrast to Mckenna's hair!

                                                         This is one of my favorite pictures!

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  1. A lovely dress and great photo shoot.
    What a fabulous store to find too!

  2. I love the photo shoot and the dress is adorable!

  3. Lovely dress! I'm making one like that soon.

    1. Really? I want to learn to sew.

    2. is that in the moutans in tn because im going

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  5. its beutiful i would of picked a dress like that for my doll too!

  6. where did you find that store?! You are really lucky and that's a really pretty dress too.

  7. never mind the "where did you find that store" question.

  8. I have been there!!! I like you a lot ( your blog)! (I have never met you but you seem really nice!)

  9. does the store have a website?