How to Make a Doll Soccer Net

I had a request from Dolllover for this craft.  My mom already had this wire, and for this craft you will need an adult's help. It is not hard, but you will need help cutting the wire and maybe bending it.

         Things you will need:  good wire cutters, duct tape in your color choice, sturdy wire like you find in a hardware store, and a net. (my mom had this net that she bought at the Dollar Tree in the summer decoration section) but you could find some net at a craft store or even just some fishing net.

First, have an adult cut a piece of wire that is about 80" long. 

Bend it like this... about 12" bend it up like you see in the top of the photo.

Start to make the frame like this. Once you have bent it up about 13", you go over about 15".
Repeat going down the other side, then back and over until you have the shape above.

      Make sure you have it like this in one piece and it should have a cut. You want to tape that shut with       your duct tape.

                                                            Start to wrap around the frame.

And when you have the whole frame covered, tape the net on in a few spots all over. Make sure you stretch it out so it is not loose.

                                              And tape any extra pieces of the net down.

Cut off the excess of the net.

                                                           Here is your finished soccer net!

Summer is glad she can practice her soccer now!

     I hope you enjoyed the craft! And thanks Dolllover for requesting this craft! I sure had fun making it.

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  1. Thanks for posting it! Now I can make one!

  2. Soooooo adorable!!!! I might just have to make it....

  3. You are so creative!!

  4. Its cute! And also, I was wondering where the ball came from.

  5. This website is so cool! I love the crafts!

    Amaya, I think you might like my website. I made it with my sister, Alexa.


    I told my friends about this website and they loved it! They thought the grill was adorable! My sister loves soccer so this would be awesome

  6. Hi Amaya! This is a really cool craft! Can you try and make a tennis net? You could also Try a Tennis Racket and Ball. Thanks!