Hi! Today we have a special guest post from Katie at dolls4dolls.blogspot.com!!  She has sent in a really cool craft!  Be sure to check out her blog!  And now here goes Katie's post.

Hi my name is Katie. I have a blog called www.dolls4dolls.blogspot.com and I have three ag dolls.

Today I am going to show you haw to make a head band for your doll.

You will need:
*duct tape

Cut a piece of duct tape that's 10 inches long.

Fold it in halve.

Cut a square.

Cut it in halve.

Add them to the ends of 10 inch piece.

Fold it over about a inch and tape it.

Cut a piece of elastic.

Pull it through the holes and tie it.

And your done!

until next time,

Thanks so much for this awesome craft, Katie!


  1. What a cool idea, duct tape is so easy to work with and comes in such vibrant colors. Good job Katie!