Doll Sized Finds!

And now for today's edition of...............
Doll Sized Finds!

Here is a little duffel bag that came with a travel sized sewing kit.
(I found this at the Dollar Tree.)

It holds Mckenna's stuff nicely.

Here is a  doll sized clip that came in a pack of 6 from Shopko.

Here is mine next to my doll's clip.

Here is a little phone that is actually an eraser. (You can find this a lot of places but I got mine at my school's book fair.)

Here is a cute little Hello Kitty ice pack! It is really a decoration that was hanging on a tote like a key chain, but it is puffy, and I thought it would make a perfect ice pack! Puffy stickers would work too!

And lastly, a cute little alarm clock that you can find on ebay or other places. It works in my doll loft bed that my dad made as you can see here.

I hope you enjoyed today's edition of...................Doll Sized Finds! And thank you, Mckenna, for modeling it for us. :)

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  1. I love your finds! I especially like that ice pack!

  2. Great finds! I have a clock like that in green. Found mine at Bed Bath & Beyond. Great idea for a duffle/handbag.

  3. I have a Keychain that's like the clock only is red.

  4. I LOVE American Girl! I turned Saige into a doctor once and used a bunch of stuff. I have one of the puffy ice pack thingies except its a smiley face, not Hello Kitty. I love this blog!