Back to School Series Craft #3 How to Make a Doll School Desk

Your doll will be ready to learn with the flip top desk I am going to show you today.  It's so easy, but you will need a parents help cutting the wire out. Note: You could use other things for the legs like dowels painted silver or any color you like. But I used the same wire that I used in the "how to make a soccer net" post.

This desk really flips open just like the ones at school!

Things you will need: a school pencil box that flips open. Some heavy wire from the hardware store, good wire cutters, and glue (E-6000 is best but I just used a glue gun. Be careful with all types of glue, and ask for your parents help!) Extras you might also need: some small beads, yellow or light brown paper, a scrap piece of cardboard, mod podge or packaging tape, a glue stick, a toothpick

Start by cutting a piece of wire about 16" long. Repeat for two legs.

Bend it carefully to look something like this. Repeat with the other leg.

Now you're going to glue the legs on.

Now you could stop and leave the top like it is. But I covered mine to look like a real school desk.

So you are going to take any piece of scrapbooking paper or even yellow card stock or construction paper that might look like a desk top. Trace the pencil box onto the paper. Also trace it onto a piece of construction paper.

Glue the paper to the cardboard.

Like so.

Then you can mod podge the top of the desk/paper to make it look a little shiny like a desk and to protect it. Or you could laminate it with clear tape.
(wow, my hand was moving fast, you can barely see the brush! :)

Glue the top you just made on to the pencil box.

Glue the top you just made on to the pencil box.

Finish it with a few beads if you want to.

I also added an extra piece of wire to each side to make it look more realistic.

And I trimmed the side with ribbon to give it a nice finish.

I added a toothpick to hold her pencil, and that's it!
If you'd like to make those cute little mechanical pencils, you can see the tutorial here. I hope you enjoyed the craft!

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  1. Outstanding! Great job! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love! I will definitely try this. :D

  3. A desk for her dolls is one of the only things my daughter is asking for.the ag one is backordered.I can't wait to try this.thanks

    1. I am glad you like it, I hope it works out. I would love to see photos if you make it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Where did you get the chair I've been looking everywhere for chairs and tables it is not in this craft but Amaya where did your mom get the bathroom set and amayzing craft

  5. awesome i made it and it did'nt look half as good. you

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  7. Cute! I made it, but I rolled up paper because I didn't have wire!

  8. Where DID you get the chair. Dying to know

  9. By the look of a lot of comments a lot of people wants to know were you got the chair Amaya .My mom bought me a chair at a garage sale for my doll Marie-Grace it looks so Victorian style .I might try the craft I have a case with lighting McQueen on it ,it really is my brother's .

  10. Hey everyone, the chair is a retired chair from American Girl. Maybe you can find it on ebay.

  11. this is great i only have one desk

  12. I love this! What size is the pencil box???

  13. Cool! This is great for back to school.