Back 2 School Craft #4: How To Make A Doll Calculator

My little brother is going to help out with my craft today. He really wanted to make his own, so he will show you how!

You might not use calculators in school until high school, but I still thought my dolls should have one.

You will need: foam, glue, gray paper, small letter/number stickers, and scissors.

First, you cut a piece of foam 1 x 1/2 ". Then slightly round off the corners.

Fold your foam in half and cut a rectangle for the screen. (My brother is helping me hold it. :) )

It should look like this.

Cut a little piece of gray paper for your screen
and put some stickers on it for your numbers.

Turn it over and put some glue around the hole.  (He is crafty, huh?)

Place the gray piece of paper behind the hole and let it dry. You can also use a little piece of clear plastic from the sticker sheet to put between the gray and the foam to look like a shiny screen.

Put your number stickers on very neatly. That's it! But if you want, you can add one more layer of foam for a back to cover the gray paper.

Sarah likes to use it to figure out how much money to save up for a scooter.

$784 for a scooter???

No, that can't be right.

Let me try that again.
Wow, looks like I will just have to make one!

"I still can't believe that's right.....this thing must not be working..."

"Oh well, at least it's cute!"

I hope you liked it! :)

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  1. I love the calculator! You are a very nice big sister to let your little brother help.

  2. Giveaway at my blog!!! That is sweet of you to let your brother help!

  3. Yes, It is so nice that you let your little brother help out. I bet he is glad! Thats super cute!


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  5. This is outstanding! I love the calculator.

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  7. Thanks guys. Do I answer the same questions you did?

  8. You're a genius!

    I've been looking for a calculator my kids' dolls at every store this back-to-school season, but I couldn't find any keychain ones. Yours looks so good that I may make it instead.

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thanks, I hope you try it! :)

  10. Where do you get the craft foam? I can't find any.

    1. you can get it at joann's +Judi Cotterman