American Girl Warehouse Sale Part 2

Hi! Today I will show you what I got at the warehouse sale

The first item is this school dress. It was $14.00. Since it's back to school time, I thought my dolls needed this outfit.

             Here is Ivy's rainbow romper. I have been wanting this for a loooong time! This was about: $14.00 also.

The flops are very cute but AG could have done a little better. They are just two layers of craft foam stacked together. But still really cute.

Here is the snowy flurry outfit. This was about: $18.00 and now my dolls have something for this Wisconsin winter! I didn't have a coat for them. Poor dolls....  :)

Here is the doll hair studio dvd. And guess what? I got two extra ones to give away to two of you guys!!!

Stay tuned for how to win them!!

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  1. I love the shoes you won, they are so cute! The outfits you got for your birthday are adorable and the prices are great!

    You have the best give aways, I can't wait to see which of your followers wins the hair studio DVD.

  2. This is awesome! Your warehouse buys are wonderful!
    My dolls are sadly without coats as well. I'm glad you have one for yours now.

    1. Thanks, my dolls will have to share the coat. LOL