American Girl Doll Wilmot, WI Warehouse Sale Part 1

I went to the warehouse sale this weekend. Here are some photos from outside. Once I got inside I was so busy shopping that I forgot to take pictures. But it was just a warehouse with a bunch of boxes! Tomorrow I will show you what I got there for myself and what I got to give to two of you. Tomorrow I will also show you the two items/giveaways I recently won.

There was a long line to get in.

People waiting to get in.

There was this one woman buying hundreds and hundreds of things.
She had all these people helping her. (See my little brother's blonde head down there? :) )

That's my brother again, and more of that ladies' stuff.

She must have spent thousands of dollars.

She filled up like four vans full and she kept coming back for more.

Still the same ladies' stuff.

Once we got in, there was still a little bit left :) I got a couple of birthday presents which I will show you tomorrow!

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  1. Lucky! Where do they have the Warehouse Sale? Do they have it every year?

    1. It's in Wilmot, WI. I think they have one every year.

  2. Thats really cool! Can't wait to see what you got, Amaya!

  3. That's neat! I wonder if that lady is an eBay reseller or if she actually has a shop that she is filling? Part of me thinks it isn't fair she could buy all that, but I'm not in charge.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you found for your collection.

    1. Thanks! True, she should of been more considarate.

  4. hi I loved your blog. I love American girl to. Thanks for showing me the great pics!