Adorable Outfit/Fun Review w/Coupon and Upcoming Giveaway News!

Are you all ready for school yet? Well, Summer (the name of my doll if you don't know) sure is!  How cute is this outfit from the etsy shop Unending Treasures?  Donna from Unending Treasures has given me the honor of reviewing this adorable and super stylish outfit!!!

This cover was a lot of fun to make, with my mom's help.
I picked pink to go with the black and white.  Isn't it stunning?

Summer got all set for her first day of school in her new outfit, ready to impress!

 She arrived and started to get set up when.....

 Saige walked over and asked, "Oh my, Summer!!  Where did you get that outfit???  I LOVE it!!"
"Thanks! I got it from this great new etsy shop called Unending Treasures. You have to check it out!"

Summer had time for a photo shoot before the bell rang.
Look how great this outfit looks on her!

 Perfect fit!

 This outfit was very easy to get on and off. And it closes with velcro, which is great!

 It is so adorable, I just love the plaid!!  And the black and white is very trendy!

Donna is a very talented seamstress!! The outfit is perfect!

This outfit is great quality, you won't be disappointed.

I LOVE the pleats. And the detail is excellent! All the stitches are perfect!

 Her glamour shot!

 Summer had too much fun doing this photo shoot.  She loves the way the skirt flares!  Super cute!!!

 The shirt is so cute and the hem on the top gives it a nice finish. And it would go with so many things from jeans, skirts, or even shorts!

"Oh! I hear the bell!"

This outfit was so fun to review.  I love it!!  I would definitely recommend Unending Treasures if you are looking for a really cute and stylish outfit for your doll!  And guess what?  Donna has a coupon just for you super followers!!  If you spend $15 or more on her shop, you can get 20% off by entering code funwithagfan when you checkout. This ends the end of August, so don't miss out on this great deal!!

And guess what??  I have exciting news!  Donna has generously offered to do a giveaway! And it's a great one too!!  So look for this giveaway sometime in early November!

  Thank you so much, Donna, for allowing me to review one of your beautiful doll outfits!  It was a pleasure, thank you!!!  And thanks to you followers for reading!

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  1. What a beautiful outfit, Summer looks adorable in it! It looks very well made.

  2. Really nice outfit! Thank you for sharing. I will check out the site.

  3. Wow that outfit is super cute! I will check out the site!