Who Spilled the Eggs?

I know I said I would post a craft today, but I forgot this post comes first. So tomorrow will be the craft!
                    Sarah walked into the kitchen one morning and was shocked by the mess!
                                         What is this? Who spilled eggs on the counter top?
Let me get some paper towels to clean it up. Only the best to clean up this mess!
          Ah yes, these handy dandy super absorbent heavy duty paper towels will do the trick.
                                                           See how well they clean?
Just one and you're done!
                                                                    See?? 100% Clean!
Run out and buy a roll of Dolly Paper Towels today!
Tomorrow I will show you how to make this handy dandy super absorbent heavy duty dolly paper towel roll!!

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  1. That is so funny! I can't wait to see how you make the paper towels.

  2. I think that Summer spilled the eggs!

  3. Summer probably spilled the eggs