The Water Gun Fight

                                        Saige decided to have a little fun one summer afternoon.
 "I will spray Mckenna with a water gun. I know how she hates to get her hair wet! It will be so funny!"
                                                              "I will sneak up on her."
                                          "Hmmmmhhhmhahahahah.......She will never suspect."
                                                     "Ah! Can she read my mind???"
                                                           "Drop the gun, Saige."
                                                                      "Ok, ok!"
                                                         Little did Mckenna know....
                                                      Summer was right behind her!
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  1. Lol that's so funny u should make a really long photo storyvand call it a movie but only do two parts and I love ur blog will u check out mine and possibly follow and IF u decide u like it since I just started will u maybe post something about it cuse I feel like nobody ever looks at it cus I don't get coments so if u check it out will u comment so I know u did cuse that will make my day so u can if u want just saying cuse i really like ur blog anyways here it is

  2. Very funny, you go Summer!

  3. I love the outfits!!

  4. I love this so much its soo funny :)