My Entry for the Hot Air Balloon Contest on American girl!

This is my entry. I did not win though. But I have Saige! Did you enter? I will tell you how to find yours. Go to and then click on the button on the top right that says "play." Then it will take you to the play page. Then click on "Girl of the year." Then go to Saige's page. Click on "View the entries." Then you will see tons of balloons. Click on "State" and choose your state. The names are alphabetized. Look for your name click on it and you just found your balloon! There was a hot air balloon festival this weekend here in Wisconsin, and my dad took a video and photos of it. I will post it soon.

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  1. Your entry is so cute! If I was the judge I would pick yours.!


  2. Soo cute! I did one too! To find it go to the Ohio area and my name in Meghan P. It's a pinkish ballon!