Make a Doll Tiara

Today I will show you how to make the doll crown from the American Girl pageant. It is really easy and just uses a couple of things.

 You will need: some thin braided or twisted silver chord (or gold if you want), glue gun and glue sticks, and some little gems from the bead or sticker department. ( I found mine in the wedding section of the craft store.)
First, measure around you dolls head with the ribbon how big you want the crown to be. Then leave about 7 extra inches to work with. Start in the middle of the ribbon you have measured off so you have enough chord on each side of the loops to go around your dolls head. Start by making a very small loop and glue it together with a drop of glue.
Next, make a second loop even smaller than the first. Make sure
it is right beside the first one, then glue it in place.
Continue until you have 5 loops, making sure that the one in the middle is slightly bigger than the two loops on each side of it.
Once you have all the loops, glue on the little gems/stickers. Place them wherever you want, or just like I did.

It's almost done.

Now just measure around your doll again carefully, then cut off the excess and glue the two ends together!
That's it! Doesn't Summer look pretty? :)
Let me know if you make this! I can post a picture of yours if you want!

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  1. Ohhhh 😱 love it! Your so creative!

  2. i just made a pageant for my dolls and the winner loves it!!!!!!!!

  3. before i looked at the instructions i would of never knew that was wire