I found Chloe at a thrift store. She is an OG doll and she was only 50 cents!

                                             I added some freckles, and I painted her lips.

I think she looks very pretty in my opinion.

                                                 I also think that she looks pretty in dresses.

                                                    Her feet tend to cross over a little.   
I LOVE her eyes!

        Looks like the person who had her before was... well... a bad hair dresser. I might buy a wig for her. It                                                                     is very frizzy too.

                      But I think she still looks very pretty even though she needs a few fix-ups.

Don't you think? I will be adding her to my dolls page soon.

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  1. I think Chloe is beautiful!

  2. I think this wig would be beautiful on Chloe!

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