Part Two of My Doll Sized Finds Series!!

And now for today's edition of........Doll Sized Finds! You can also send in photos of your doll sized finds. Maybe you found something at a yard sale, a thrift store, the dollar section at Target? Send it in, and I will feature you!  Now here goes:

For our first item, it isn't really a find, but a craft that I made from Katie's dolls4dolls blog. Check out her blog here and the craft tutorial here!
                                           I will be using it to display my dolls sized finds today!
Here is a really cute water bottle that I made using a mini shampoo bottle.
                                                          Don't you think it's cute?
                           Here is a really cute mini cactus plant. It is not real though.
Maybe you have seen these at Claire's? They are lip gloss containers just the right size for your doll!
                                                Mini post-it notes make great ones for dolls.
Saige is really glad she has her post-it notes.
And lastly, Saige is modeling a cute little bench my mom found at either a yard sale or thrift store, we can't remember which.

My mom painted it light green. And that's all for today's edition of.........Doll Sized Finds! Stay tuned for the next edition coming soon!

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  1. Those are so cute and fun!
    Congratulations on your great finds!

  2. I love the chair! My mom found a coffee table just right for ag dolls that I will be posting on my blog soon! :) and I will so enter the giveaway! :D thx!

    -Meghan=) at

  3. Thanks for your comments, girls!

  4. Wow you did a reallly good job on the table and those are some great finds I just got back from vacation and I took lots of pictures so I will be posting soon on my blog thanks for telling everybody to check it out!!!!!