Craft: How to Make a Doll Paper Towel Roll

  Because dolls make messes too, I will show you how to make a mini paper towel roll that is super easy. You know those glow sticks I used for 4th of July? Well I got them at the Dollar Tree and inside the package there was a skinny tube with the glow sticks inside.

                    You will need: Scissors, glue, paper towels, a pencil, and a skinny cardboard tube.

Cut a piece of the cardboard tube that is about the size for a doll paper towel roll.

It should be about a 3rd the size of a paper towel roll.

                      Once you have it cut, take a paper towel and mark how tall your tube is.

                                                          Fold down where you marked.

                                                            Cut on the crease you made.

Put a few drops of glue on your tube.

                                          Then line up the paper towel with the cardboard tube.

                             Then start rolling.(You may need a few paper towels for this to make it thick.)

Tada! Here is your finished doll paper towel roll. You can put a tiny dab of glue on the end to keep it closed if you want. Now your doll can clean all her messes!

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  1. I made it for my dolls and they love it!

  2. that's really cool I can use it as a towel for my doll when she does her dishes! cute!

  3. Adorable! I love it! I did almost the same thing for Doll-Sized Napkins!

  4. How could I make this if I can't find a skinny card board tube? Where would I find one?

    1. I used a paper towel roll that I cut down the middle twisted it smaller and used tape to hold it shut