Back To School Series Craft #1 Doll Thermos

I decided to do a back to school series, so I will show you how to make different doll school supplies! For the first craft you will need: shiny sticker paper or any pretty duct tape, glue, foam, scissors, and a mini shampoo bottle with a cap that is the same size as the bottle. Make sure the lid screws on and off. I got the shampoo bottle at a hotel.

                           First cut a piece of paper that fits perfectly around the bottle.

              Then carefully making sure you don't touch the lid, add your sticker/duct tape.

                                  Then cut a piece of foam that will make a good handle.

                                                                            Like so.

  Glue on your strip of foam. 

                                                             Press down and hold.

                                                    Add stickers or anything you like!

And there is your adollable thermos that keeps your doll's drink nice and cold! Boy, do I wish I had some of Saige's nice ice cold water! Stay tuned for the next back to school craft! And don't forget to enter here to win a lovely dress for your doll!

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  1. That is adorable! Thank you.
    I have a back to school craft I'm posting later today. I hope you like it.

  2. So cute I was going to make a school series on my blog too!

  3. I tried to make this but I didn't have the bottle... I found a flatter bottle though and ended up making a hot water bottle...its sooooo cute! errrr thanks for leading me to a totally different craft!!!!

  4. Man, I wish I had these things to make it

  5. Me too! I love that, but I don't have a bottle, just a flat one....

    1. Just to help you out, another thing that you can use is a mini spray bottle but cut off the tube with some scissors and then cover the top with duct tape so you cant see the sprayer.
      Hope this helps!!!!!

  6. you could also use old chapstick tubes

  7. Could you do a craft on how to make soda cans? We don't have Claire's where I live.

  8. I love this awesome craft! If you do not have the mini shampoo bottle, go to CVS and look for a travel sized bin. In that bin will be some mini shampoos that don't look exactly like the one you used but similar. I used that and it still looks pretty cool! (I also found mini toothpaste if anyone was interested.)

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  10. Would a chap-stick container work too?