Answer to the Water Gun Fight Blooper and Some Cool Doll Finds!

First of all, ewish came closest to guessing yesterday's question about the water gun post. The answer is: Saige was holding a green gun. But the gun she "dropped" on the ground was blue!

Also, I am just 9 followers away from an awesome giveaway!!! Help me reach my goal so I can give away a beautiful doll outfit!! I cannot wait!

Today, I thought I would show you some doll sized items I have found here and there. If you have any questions about them, feel free to comment!
                            This is a little bin/file container. I go this in the dollar section at Target.
                         This is so cute! It is an Apples to Apples Game! It came with a Wendy's kid's meal.
  These are mini colored pencils I got a package of 30 along with a drawing pad and paint for me at a yard sale.
                           The container is from a travel sized sewing kit it held some needles.

What sort of doll items have you found? Send me a picture and I will post it on my blog!
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  1. Are the colored pencils just real colored penciled sharpened really far down?