A Fun Photoshoot with Saige

Here is a little photoshoot of Saige on her scooter.
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                                                          Saige decided to go to the park.

                                                 She hopped on her scooter and took off.

Hi there!

                                                               *Vroom Vroom*


I think I'll get off and explore a little.

                                                           I love nature! Who couldn't?

                                                                          Ahhh! A bee!

Bees can't climb trees, can they?

                                       There is such a good view up here! Hey, I see the park!


I hope you liked it! Stay tuned for tomorrow's craft: How to make a grill for your doll!

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  1. I love the pic where she's driving away and it says vroom vroom where did you get the scooter I love the color can't wait for the grill tomorrow!!

    1. I got the scooter at a yard sale it is an OG scooter.

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  3. I love the photo shoot and the scooter is so cute!

  4. This is a great photo shoot and outing.
    Love the scooter and the slide. :)

  5. wow! Really loved the scooter, and Saige looks so cute!